Legendary OK Oil

Legendary OK Oil

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Dayton Boots OK Oil has long been recognized as one of the finest leather conditioning and treatment products in the world.

The original formula for OK Oil was developed by company founder and bar mixologist Charlie Wohlford. Charlie's logger friends and drinking buddies at the Lumberman's Social Club in Vancouver often complained about the quality of their logging boots which led to the development of the very first Dayton Boots. Charlie also noticed the dried, cracked condition of their leather logging boots.

Formulated for the Canadian outdoors

When the first Dayton 64 logging boots were introduced in 1947, Charlie set out to create a leather treatment product that would both solve the wear problem as well as protect the leather from the harsh, damp British Columbia forests and construction sites. Since in reality there is no such thing as waterproof leather - in order to maintain both comfort and appearance, leather products must breathe - Charlie worked to find just the right formula to help preserve and extend the benefits of premium quality leather whilst protecting the loggers feet.

Charlie experimented, testing a variety of natural ingredient formulas to help protect the leather as well as resist the effects of moisture and water. After much trial and error the final Dayton OK Oil formula was developed and introduced to became a popular, natural compliment to the Dayton Boot product line.

Caring for all your leather

Today, the same secret original formula Dayton OK Oil formula is still carefully mixed by hand in small quantities in the Dayton Boots factory store. With regular applications, Dayton Boots' OK Oil will condition, soften, preserve and protect fine leather products just as it did almost 70 years ago.

Try a little OK Oil, your boots and all your fine leather products will thank you for it!

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