The Rebrand - Dayton boots is now Wohlford & Co

Dayton Boots, a long-standing footwear company known for its quality and durability, is undergoing a significant transformation, opting to rebrand itself as Wolhford Boots. The decision to rebrand reflects a strategic shift aimed at rejuvenating their image, expanding their market reach, and achieving a more modern appeal.

The company maintains its commitment to producing high-quality boots while leveraging the new brand name, Wolhford Boots, to attract a wider audience, resonate with contemporary trends, and highlight its renewed focus on innovation and style blended with tradition. 

Wohlford is embodies the original founders name Charlie Wohlford. A reputable name known for its high-quality footwear. The choice to rebrand was not an abandonment of the old, but a strengthening of the company’s commitment to producing superior, durable, and stylish boots. By rebranding to Wolhford Boots, the company aims to maintain its unwavering emphasis on quality while integrating a fresh, modern aesthetic that aligns with evolving customer tastes and market trends. This not only changes their appearance but also reflects their aspiration to uphold a timeless tradition of manufacturing excellence, while embracing innovation in an ever-changing fashion landscape.

Please come and visit us at our factory in East Vancouver.