Repair Work

All of Dayton Boots’ cobbler work (including warranty, repairs, resoles, reheels, etc.) are all currently being done at our authorized repair centre at:
DeVito Shoe Repair Logo


Please mail all repairs with your contact information to:

DeVito Shoe Repair

411 Hall Street
Nelson, BC V1L 1Y9
1 800 337 1622
250 352-6261

To maintain your Dayton footwear, ALWAYS:

  • Allow your boots to air dry and NEVER put your boots in front of a direct heat source.
  • Regularly remove all mud, dirt, dust, concrete/drywall dust etc. from your boots (over time these items will dry out the leather and deteriorate stitches and seals).
  • Only use Dayton's OK Oil on your footwear - using other foot care products may damage the leather and void the warranty.
  • Use a Boot Jack and do not remove boots by pushing down on the heels (over time it will separate from the leather upper from the sole).