Wohlford quality difference

Wohlford & Co legendary quality is the Wohlford difference which makes our boots favourites since 1946. 

There are over 230 steps in hand-crafting a pair of Wohlford boots, a labour intensive process that very few of the world’s bootmakers still use today. Wohlford boots are hand-crafted using the same exacting methods in the same Vancouver factory store for nearly 70 years.

Finest quality materials and build

Best quality leather - thick, full grain top tier, 5.5 to 7 oz
Hand cut to ensure consistency of thickness and grain
Leather insoles and outsoles – full grain 6 to 12 iron leather, where lesser quality boots use cardboard
Steel shanks ensures lasting arch support, where others use leather or fiberglass
Individually sewn - all boots are double or triple stitched for lasting durability
Made for easy resoling – Goodyear welted  fully nailed construction means that boots can be easily resoled, so your favourite boots can last for decades.

Lifetime warranty

We’re so proud of our boots that every pair comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects but not regular wear and tear. If you choose to have the boots worked on by an outside cobbler the manufacturing warranty becomes void.


The Dayton Boots story

The Dayton Boots story started in 1946 when Charlie Wohlford started handcrafting boots – and their still-unsurpassed quality has won accolades and fans around the world. 

Charlie Wohlford started Dayton Boots in the winter of 1946, after gaining a reputation for repairing loggers’ boots to a better quality than when they were new. Dayton’s reputation for being the best made logging boot in the worldquickly spread and soon became the brand name worn on tough construction jobs, in mining camps, in the oil patch as well as by numerous fire and police departments. Basically, anywhere a tough durable boot was required – rugged Dayton’s were the footwear of choice.

In the early 1960’s Dayton added the Goodyear welt method of boot manufacturing to its already famous hand nailed line of boots. This process allowed Dayton to diversify into western, service and lighter footwear that continued to demonstrate Dayton Boots’ high standard of quality and durability.

In 1962, Dayton introduced their western boot – the first to eliminate inside seams in favour of outside seams – which helped to reduce chafing on the legs of riders. By 1965, with the advent of better rubber soles, Dayton designed and started production of the Black Beauty motorcycle boot. This boot still continues to be one of Dayton’s most popular models.

In 1978 Dayton introduced the double-soled Engineer boot that has become a favourite with motorcyclists all over the world, and is likely the toughest motorcycle boot ever made. Even today, Dayton’s lighter Goodyear welted motorcycle boots surpass the quality of every other motorcycle boot made in the industry. Some may look similar – but most are constructed with cardboard and glue, so while they may look fine on a shelf they’ll rarely last anywhere close to a Dayton.

Thanks to their comfort, durability and classic styling – Dayton’s have enjoyed a cult like following that’s grown by word of mouth from industry and casual users alike. Due to their ability to be successfully resoled and reconditioned, it is not uncommon to see boots still in use after 25 to 40 years. Dayton’s popularity has continued to grow through the years and is favoured by many popular movie and music personalities.

Today, Dayton’s are still made with the same attention to detail that’s gone into every pair since 1946. Our boots are still crafted by hand, to the same exacting standards and offer a lifetime warranty.
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