Sizing Matters

 Size Matters Dayton Boots

Sizing Matters: → Worried about your boots not fitting? We can work together to get your best Dayton fit. We have professional sizers that can help you to complete our sizing exercise and confirm your correct Dayton size. Like any footwear company, we have standard sizes and we want to make sure you are put into the best of these for you.

Sizing Measurements and Step by Step Guidelines

 Download PDF Sizing instructions here

There are a few things you should know about our boots...

For most of our seventy-plus years in business, Dayton Boots outfitted predominantly men, hence, the sizes listed are men's sizes. We've also been around long enough that our original last sizes all came from the UK.  So, Dayton sizing is similar to UK men's sizing.  Have no fear ladies, these boots will fit you equally well. Depending on the style of boot, men will fit 1 full size down from their North American size.  Ladies will generally fit 3 sizes down. In other words, a Man with a North American size 9 foot will fit a Dayton 8.  A woman who is normally a North American size 7 will fit a Dayton 4. If you like a bit more room or feel you have a higher instep or wider ball or forefoot maybe add a 1/2 size.

If you are ordering for the first time please follow these instructions. Please measure your foot while wearing the sock you would normally wear using a cloth Tailor's tape measure. This will ensure that your measurements are accurate.

Foot Chart
Foot Chart

1. With cloth tape measure drawn snug but not tight, measure around your foot and leg at points indicated on drawing (fig.1).

2. Ball should be measured over large joint of big toe and little toe (it will be slightly diagonal).

3. Instep should be measured straight around at a point just as the foot starts to curve to the leg.

4. Heel should be measured with tape at the middle of the curve of heel and the curve of foot to leg.

5. Ankle should be measured just above the ankle joint at smallest part of leg (approx. 6" from floor).

6. When measuring the length of your foot, (fig.2) begin by placing the tape in the middle of the heel. Draw the tape alongside the outside of your heel and then measure in a straight line to the tip of your big toe.  


*Lastly compare your recorded measurements one foot against the other. If there is a large variance between feet, re-measure that point again. Please be sure to add any comments regarding your feet; sores or deformities, and more importantly, what size and kind of running shoes are you wearing now?

Download PDF Sizing instructions here