Sidekick 5.5 EE

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The Sidekick 5.5 EE Black Veg Tan with a 12" high silhouette, brass hardware, goodyear welt, midsole and Vibram 700 outsole.

This tough ankle hugging boot with a traditional western toe boasts classic style.

Sometimes referred to as the Granny Boot or the Packer Boot, you'll be amazed at the precision of the white stitching throughout, construction, and comfort.


Wohlford & Co footwear is based on UK men’s sizing. This typically means one full size down from your standard North American men’s sneaker size and two and a half sizes for women. For example, a men’s NA 8.5 would be a Wohlford 7.5, and a women’s NA 8.5 would be a Wolhford 6. Please refer to the sizing chart.

If widths options are available, pick a narrow width if you have a narrow foot or want a snugger fit.  Or, pick a wider width if you know you have a high instep, wider foot, or want a little more room. 

For in-store sizing, visit us during our store hours.

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