Famaco Waterproofing Spray

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The Famaco Waterproofing Spray is a great all-purpose product for protecting your Leathers against the Weathers. We recommend re-applying with this product often, especially if you live here in Vancouver or other rainy climates. This spray won’t keep your footwear dry in full, water submersion, but does a great job against regular, bad weather. Additionally, it’s a great option for waterproofing suedes, nubucks and fabrics, as it won’t change the colour or surface nap.

  • 400mL aerosol can
  • Works on all types, including smooth leather, suede, fabric, nubuck, etc.
  • Measures at 2.25″ W x 2.25″ L x 10″ T – weighing 333 grams

Wohlford & Co footwear is based on UK men’s sizing. This typically means one full size down from your standard North American men’s sneaker size and two and a half sizes for women. For example, a men’s NA 8.5 would be a Wohlford 7.5, and a women’s NA 8.5 would be a Wolhford 6. Please refer to the sizing chart.

If widths options are available, pick a narrow width if you have a narrow foot or want a snugger fit.  Or, pick a wider width if you know you have a high instep, wider foot, or want a little more room. 

For in-store sizing, visit us during our store hours.

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