Making the Dayton Service Boot.
Amy Slosky

At Dayton we've been doing things pretty much the same way for 70 years. We believe the way we make our boots makes them some of the best built boots...

Saving Soles

Dayton Boots memorabilia

We always pleased to find Dayton Boots memorabilia from our near-70 years in business. Get in touch if you have anything!

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Dayton does Movember

Dayton Boots is joining the rollercoaster of lip sweater fun this year by supporting Movember. All this month, we’ve been honing our ‘staches and banging...

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Discover Vancouver East Village

Vancouver East Village - Dayton Boots neighbourhood formerly known as Hastings-Sunrise - has been rebranded with an aspirational moniker befitting its hipster leanings and stylish...

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Made in Canada

In an interview with Pacific Rim magazine, Dayton Boots explains why they continue to ensure their boots are made in Canada.

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Made in Canada - An interview with The Epoch Times

The current owners of Dayton Boots explain why they bought the iconic boot company: to ensure the boots continue to be made in Canada.

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Eighteen minutes with Stephen Encarnacao

Scout Magazine talks to Dayton Boots' Stephen Encarnacao about life in Vancouver at the helm of a true Vancouver business.

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Boots with history

Vancouver Sun's John Mackie writes about the legend of Dayton Boots, and their appearance at the 2007 Pacific National Exhibition.

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