A boy named Dayton

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There’s no greater honour for a brand than someone naming their child after the company. Tyrone tells us what led him to name his son after his boots.


I was born in Vancouver just down the road from the Dayton store.

My four older brothers always wore Daytons. Them and their muscle car buddies, that’s what they all wore.

They told me you can always tell a true Dayton by the bull head half way up the boot.

My brothers bought me my first pair of triple sole Black Beauties when I was 15 years old. I was known as ‘the boy with big black boots’.

I just about wore them to bed, they were so comfortable.

They’re the coolest boots in the world. You can wear them in the summer or winter.

I’ve tried different boots through the years but I don’t wear boots now if they’re not Daytons.

The ‘No Daytons Allowed’ poster is up in our house and we’ve got Dayton Boots stickers on all our trucks.

I named my boy Dayton. I asked my lady if she’d allow it; she had to think for a while.

He says he’s named after his dad’s boots and tells them the story of the best boots in the world.

I’m a good cousin to have. My cousin stretched my boots out so I gave them to him.

My cousin’s a wild guy, quite a fighter. Those boots have met a few people’s body parts down a few dark alleys.

He’d fill his boots with a good pilsner and we’d all drink out of it. We weren’t on the first beer when we did it.

Those boots still look as good now as they did back in the day.

It’s my dream to get another pair custom made at the factory.

I couldn’t leave Vancouver on my last visit without seeing the factory, so we took a hotel room and went back the next morning for a tour.

The tour of the factory was the highlight of my life.

It would finish the story if my boy had his own pair. He needs to see how it all started: boots hand-crafted, not made on an assembly line.

A story in each boot

We enjoy hearing about the long and colourful journeys that our boots go on when they leave the factory store. Read more #MyDaytons stories and testimonials, add yours on Pinterest, and do let us know if your Daytons have some stories to tell!

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