Dayton quality difference

Dayton Boots legendary quality is the Dayton difference which makes our boots favourites since 1946. 

Fully nailed soled bootsThere are over 230 steps in hand-crafting a pair of Dayton Boots, a labour intensive process that very few of the world's bootmakers still use today. Dayton Boots are hand-crafted using the same exacting methods in the same Vancouver factory store for nearly 70 years.

Finest quality materials and build

Best quality leather - thick, full grain top tier, 5.5 to 7 oz
Hand cut to ensure consistency of thickness and grain
Leather insoles and outsoles - full grain 6 to 12 iron leather, where lesser quality boots use cardboard
Steel shanks ensures lasting arch support, where others use leather or fiberglass
Individually sewn - all boots are double or triple stitched for lasting durability
Made for easy resoling - Goodyear welted  fully nailed construction means that boots can be easily resoled, so your favourite boots can last for decades.

Lifetime warranty

We're so proud of our boots that every pair comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects but not regular wear and tear. If you choose to have the boots worked on by an outside cobbler the manufacturing warranty becomes void.