Longest lasting boots? Twenty-six years and counting

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In our search for the longest-lasting pair of Dayton Boots, Rory from East Vancouver tells us about how he came to wear the same pair of boots for 26 years.

Daytons are all I’ve ever worn, since I was seven years old. People bought me other boots to try but they just weren’t the same.

Since he was inside his mother, I wanted my son’s first pair of shoes to be Daytons. Turns out he wears flat shoes now.

I’ve worn the same pair of Daytons every day for 26 years - Westerns [Black Beauties], the original Daytons that you see on the sign. I keep getting them resoled.

I told my son, when I die and you burn me, you're burning me with my Daytons on.

I grew up nearby the Dayton shop in East Van. There’s only two types of people, those who are from East Van and those who wish they were.

I’m the youngest of seven kids. There were 105 kids on the one block where we grew up.

I remember as a kid looking at the Dayton sign and saying 'that's my boots'. I saved up the $60 or $70 for my first pair. That was a lot of money back then.

I’ve been swimming in my Daytons. We had a few beers sitting on the rocks and ended up in the water. They polished up fine.

I’ve covered two million miles as a truck driver. My Daytons have been on my feet the whole way.

I’d take my Daytons off to fight because I’m a second degree black belt in karate. My hands are registered assault weapons.

There’s the drink then the song and then the fight comes along. If I took my boots off in the Eldorado [bar], the waitress would tell me to put them back on. She’d go to the person I was staring at and get them to leave; if not then I dealt with them.

I’ve had six wives. I’ve only kept one pair of Daytons.

You always know the weather in Vancouver. If you can see the mountains, it's going to rain; if you can't see them, it’s raining.

You choose Daytons because of the comfort, style and fit. They hug your feet. And the ‘in’ people wear them. I’m a die-hard Dayton wearer.

I’ve got a few stories to tell. If you’d called me after a couple of beers I’d tell you a few more.

When a buddy of ours died, we resoled his Daytons. Those boots are still walking around now.

You get what you pay for - pay now or pay later. You buy a pair of Daytons and they're quality.

If my Daytons could talk, they'd be asking for a lawyer.

A story in each boot

We enjoy hearing about the long and colourful journeys that our boots go on when they leave the factory store. Read more #MyDaytons stories and testimonials, add yours on Pinterest, and do let us know if your Daytons have some stories to tell!

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