These testimonials show just some of what our satisfied customers have to say about their Dayton Boots.

Fit like a glove

I wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU very, very much for handling my situation promptly, professionally, courteously and with the utmost of customer satisfaction in mind! The new boots fit like a glove and look absolutely awesome. I have given them a fairly generous application of the OK Oil that you so generously provided and within a day they drank it up into the leather. They look and feel great!

I don’t know what more I can say other than Dayton Boots, under current leadership and the first rate workmanship of your staff, is destined to become the premier boot manufacturer of Canada. I will do my utmost to be a worthy owner and ambassador of your product!

Thank you once again. Service extraordinaire!

Mike K., Thunder Bay, ON

I wouldn't get rid of them for the world

Jumanji boots

When the movie Jumanji was finished [1995], the factory sent a lot of the shoes down to Bellingham, Washington to be sold at a local retail store. I fell in love the shoes at first sight, but alas, there none in my size. I called BC [the factory store in British Columbia] and was told that they could make a pair in my size. I got them and was pleased (they were my 'go to town shoes' for years).

Brogan shoes

Later on, I found an old pair of boots at a garage sale. I called Dayton again and asked if they could replicate them. I was told that they actually had a limited supply of some old 40's or 50's leather, and yes, they would make me a pair. And here they are (pictured).

Both set of shoes have been around the world several times. I wore the boots exclusively for fifteen years: had a farm in Custer, WA, ran a jail in Mississippi, walked through Mexico looking for a famous painter. Paris, Moscow, Seoul, Sri Lanka, etc. Rode across the country on my BMW wearing the boots.

The only thing I've replaced are the heels on the boots.

I wouldn’t get rid of them for the world. I bought a pair of Docs last year, and a year later they're finished. So thanks for the boots and the shoes!

Dan J.

I only ever kept my Daytons

I am the proud owner of a pair of Dayton 64 Caulked logging boots I bought new in 1971 in Terrace BC. I have gone through three marriages, 20 odd motorcycles, 20 muscle cars, two houses, 15 guitars and several boats. Through all of that the only item I ever valued and actually kept to this day were my Dayton logging boots.

I now have three sons aged 18, 16 and 13. You can imagine my total surprise when my oldest, Hamilton came home the other day saying, "Dad, you won’t believe this cool shop that sells boots in East Vancouver. All the cool rockers and record producers have their boots made there and I have to own a pair someday." I asked what the name of the shop was and when he said it was Dayton on Hastings I got the biggest smile on my face.

I proceeded to dig out my old Dayton Logging boots (with climbing spurs), a few old photographs and got to tell him of my brief but thrilling days of logging in Terrace BC in 1971 and how and why I have kept these old boots all these years.

Thank you for listening (and great boots).

Tim C.

Lasted 60 years so far

I do demonstration Blacksmithing at our local museum and fall fair. We always wear period correct clothing; so when an elderly friend had a pair of Dayton loggers caulked boots in their garage sale, I bought them and never even haggled over the price. Her husband had bought them back in 1950. Other than some worn out stitching and heavy wear on the caulks, they are in great shape.

I have never worn a more comfortable pair of boots. Excellent craftsmanship to have lasted 60 years!

John P.S.

Quality boot made in East Van

Love my Daytons. Great to see such a quality boot made in East Van. Always proud to show them off! Thanks Dayton!

Weldon C.

Exceptional product

I have been wearing boots since I was a kid (that is for many, many years). Deciding I was no longer going to spend the sort of money being asked by many manufacturers of what may be considered ‘quality’ boots (especially seeing how the workmanship has suffered since being outsourced to overseas manufacturing), I sprung for a pair of Daytons.

I first saw Dayton Boots many years ago during Bike Week in Daytona Beach. I remember them as being a rather formidable example of footwear, kind of pricey for the time too. Nevertheless I ponied up $500 for a pair of double sole Black Beauties.

After receiving them in a timely fashion (thanks Kayla) I began the task of breaking them in... this was no fun at all. At one point I was sure something had gone wrong in the sizing process. A call to Dayton assured be all was well; they just needed more time. Know what? That was totally correct. As more time was spent gradually breaking the Daytons in, the better and better they began to fit. I now can say this is the BEST pair of boots I have ever owned. The craftsmanship is so good I can see myself handing these down to my grandchildren in the years to come. I hope they have big feet so they fit.

Yep, they cost more, but if there were ever an example of ‘getting what you pay for’, Dayton Boots is it. Thank you for an exceptional product.

Timothy B. Satellite Beach, FL

One thousand gigs

I got my first pair of Daytons in 2000. Since then then I've played over 1,000 gigs, every one of them wearing my Daytons.

Bob Egan, Blue Rodeo

Very satisfied

I bought my first pair of Daytons, when I was in my early 20s. I am now 46 and still have the same pair. People I talk to now don't believe how old my Daytons are, I use them every time I ride my motorcycle. Very satisfied with these boots. Now living Lima, Peru.

Thomas G., Peru

Once you put them on you don't go back

I got my Daytons when I was 18 (I am now 46)... My father gave them to me before I left home to venture on my own... what a gift... From the Comox Valley to Cornwallis N.S.... all over Europe for five years (went over with the Military in 88); three tours to Bosnia.... and back to the East Coast... my Daytons withstood the test of time.... I wore them everywhere... Backyard

Parties to formal functions in the military.... gettem dirty just wash them off apply some Black (Parade Gloss) Boot Polish and you’re ready for your next adventure... Maybe one day I will be able to purchase another pair...

Once you put them on you will not go back to another boot...

Thanks people of Dayton Boots... you make a very tough, dependable, comfortable, classy boot (Black Beauty double sole).

Glen F., a Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you for making such a great boot!

…My worst injury from the accident was my ankle (though I didn’t think so at the time) which was badly twisted. But when I looked at my boot with the leather torn away at the heel, the story it told was the injury could have been a lot worse. I don’t even want to think about the extent of the injuries to my foot would have been if I had been wearing a lighter boot or a runner.

Thank God I was wearing my Daytons!

PS: I checked my saddlebags and found that not a bottle was broken and not a drop of wine was spilt. Although I sure could have uncorked a bottle and had a drink to soothe my bruised ego. I am currently repairing my bike and getting ready for our next ride and I have a new pair of Dayton boots!

Thank you for making such a great boot!

John B., Surrey, BC


Just wanted to let you know that I got my new boots. The post office was a little tardy in delivering them but now that they are here I want you to know that they are BEEEEUUUUTIFUL and I am thrilled.

Thanks again for making them for me. You guys are the best!


Well-designed hand-crafted

I received my boots yesterday - thanks, they are great and they seem to fit just fine. I appreciate the stickers (for my office), the key ring (already on my keys) and the oil - it’s all great. This pair will become my 'out on the town pair', my current ones are now my everyday work pair, and my third pair are now for the garden and garage.

I told my 72 year old mother that I got a new pair of Romeos, she cried... my grandfather and all of my uncles used to wear them on their fishing boats (they fished out of Ladner).

Thanks again, I am so pleased. I work as a product designer here in Calgary - all my work is massed produced in China and I always find it amusing that my favorite possessions are the well designer hand-crafted products - my grandfathers old tools, my handmade Italian leather shoes, and my Daytons - all three pairs.


Keep up the good work

A couple of days I visited your store for the first time and was really impressed by the selection of your products and the historic setup. I work as a men's stylist at a Canadian retailer where I've bought boots that need to be replaced soon, and I hope in the future to return back to your store to purchase a new pair. I also have my eye on your gauntlet leather gloves.

Great stuff, keep up the good work.


Wear Dayton Boots as long as I’m alive

I’m a very proud owner of Dayton Boots. I have had these boots since I was 15. I’m now 34.

I wear my boots every day almost and cannot tell you how many miles I have walked in these boots not to mention the amount of miles I have ridden my horse while wearing these boots. I have beat the tar out of them, walked through swamps, rivers, mud pits and over mountains in my boots and I always manage to bring them back to original shine so I can take my girl out for a night on the town. I even got married in them and always tell everyone I’ll be buried in them as well. I can’t say enough about the quality of the boot and they are a style that will never end.

I will wear Dayton Boots as long as I’m alive and even into the next life.

Thank you so much -


Like no other

As a kid growing up in East Vancouver, many of my friends older brothers wore Dayton Boots. After buying my first motorcycle, my next stop was the Dayton Boot factory located on East Hastings, to buy my first pair of Black Beauty boots. I have had these boots for over 20 years and anytime I have had a question or concern, I am treated like a new customer with a smile and an eager suggestion.

Dayton Boots are like no other, when it comes to craftsmanship and quality, you will not find another company that comes close to Dayton Boots.

Thanks guys -


Fine product

I bought two pairs (two buckle Engineer classics, and a pair of leather soled Black Beauties) in 1981. I've re-soled them every 10 years or so. They still look in fine shape and I'd expect they'll be around longer than me.

I had to laugh the last time I went in to the Dayton shop - the lady that looked after me was at least 10 years younger than my boots...

This company has a good history and a fine product.


Just brilliant

I was about to order a few pairs of boots from Conker shoes in Devon as I had literally destroyed one pair in Africa over three years of tramping about.

I found Daytons and unquestionably they are just brilliant for countless reasons.

Simon Fellows

Quality craftsmanship

I have worn Dayton Black Beauties for 25 years, three pairs so far, but the first pair were stolen and the last pair were just turned to a pile of ash in a house fire.

Dayton has been part of my motorcycle riding gear for 25 years. I have to give credit to the quality craftsmanship at Dayton for protecting my lower legs and feet when I was involved in a head on collision with a pickup truck. And for keeping my feet dry in the worst rain storms. I feel so strongly about only wearing the best boot, I am going to drive 450 kms to get a new pair.

Thanks to all at Dayton, keep up the good work!

From a very happy customer -

Jay K.

Sexy, fashionable and a little bit of attitude

Just picked up my first Dayton Rebels in bourbon brown. Sexy, fashionable and a little bit of attitude!

Thanks to Dayton for specifically making a size 3.5 boot just for me!

Angela M. Vancouver BC

Great fit

When I got home I wore my boots around the house with some thinner socks. They fit great. I found you to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, without being the least bit pushy or imposing.

Between the quality boots, the retro shop, and your personable service, I very much enjoyed my Dayton experience. I finally have my first pair of Daytons, and I look forward to getting another pair.

Bill F. Vancouver BC

Like new after 65 years

I have my Dayton caulk boots minus the caulks I bought in 1945 or 1946. I started selling cars and I wore my Daytons to work as they were comfortable walking on cement. My boss asked me not to wear them.

They are still like new so I guess that speaks for the quality to stand up for 65 years or so.

Harold B.

Six pairs and counting

Thank you so much Michele for all your kindness and help with my boot purchases (six pairs and counting). I’m totally impressed with the fit and quality in your boots.

See you next year for my next purchases.

Thanks again -

Les F.

Talk about Service! 

I'd like to commend Dayton Boot Factory of East Hastings, Vancouver, the friendly Staff, and especially you for the great service provided to me regarding the Riding Boots sent for repairs.
It certainly was a big surprise to hear your voice when you phoned to say you were in Revelstoke (500 Miles from Vancouver) in the middle of one of our snowiest Winters, and you had my Boots!  Talk about Service!
The Boots looked like new and when I tried them on, it was like I took them off the day before, great fit.  These excellent quality Boots were purchased from your Factory in the summer of 2005, have been through a very serious Motorcycle accident, and will continue to protect me for many more years of Riding.
Thanks to you & Staff of Dayton Boots,
Glen Richardson
Revelstoke, BC

The best boots I've ever owned

Sorry its taken a while to get back to you, I've been a little busy as of late and my access to computer was very limited for the last week or so.  I just wanted to say I got the boots and I absolutely love them, they fit good and look awesome. I get comments whenever I wear them. They are starting to break in really nice. Thank you very, very  much they are the best boots I've ever owned, and it means the world to me to be able to wear my namesake. They more than live up to my expectations.

Dayton Bradley