Tacco Footcare Deluxe Leather Men's Orthotic Insole

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The Tacco Deluxe ErgoDyn insole helps to keep feet from becoming fatigued, thanks to its RelaxFlex function and ShokAbsorber points. Plus, it's made with ecologically refined sheepskin for breathability and the surface features a pad for extra arch support. An activated carbon odor absorber helps prevent foot odor for those long work days in the Pacific Northwest weather.

Tacco Deluxe ErgoDyn insole 

  • Breathable RelaxFlex function
  • Surface made of ecologically refined sheepskin
  • Pad for metatarsal arch and ShokAbsorber points
  • Prevents fatigued feet
  • Activated carbon odour absorber prevents foot odor

Note: These Tacco leather insoles run on the small size. It is recommended that you go up a full size when ordering.

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