A brief history of Wohlford's Service and Parade boot

A brief history of Wohlford's Service and Parade boot

The 11377 last (a last is the solid form around which a shoe is moulded) is the foundation for several of our heritage styles, such as the Service and Parade boot. We inherited this last through our relationship with the Leckie Shoe Co. and our subsequent takeover in the early 1970’s. They were a major supplier to the Canadian Armed Forces going back to World War One. 

Since the 11377 last was primarily for military footwear, it was built for comfort, as many military personnel would need to wear it for miles and miles day after day. While the Service and Parade boots are both made for comfort and durability, the Service boot’s primary function is for daily wear, whereas the Parade boot, with its more elegant look and highly polishable leather, is excellent for formal occasions. 

The Parade boot's association with military and ceremonial events further enhances its reputation. It represents the commitment and honour of the Canadian military and the respect for fallen heroes during funerals and Remembrance Day parades.

Over the years, various organizations, including the VPD (Vancouver Police Department) and local fire departments, have used Parade boots for their Honour Guard at funerals and Remembrance Day parades. These boots exhibit a sense of dignity and respect, perfectly suiting the solemnity of such occasions.

Whether donning them for military or ceremonial purposes or simply for a put-together everyday look, the Parade boot is a testament to Canadian military heritage and the dedication to excellence in design and functionality.

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