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The cautionary and poetic tale of Paul Bunions warns against wearing badly fitting shoes.

This is one of a series of vintage adverts from the 1940s and 50s, commissioned by Dayton Boots and created by Fraser Wilson.

He used to be Paul Bunions
His feet were always sore
He paid no heed to ads and such
He gambled more and more.

But now he's changed his outlook,
His lesson is complete---
"Don't ever play the gambling game--
The one called Seven-Toed Pete!"

"The cards were stacked against me--
I was dealt a wicked hand,
I paid no heed to Safety Shoes
I wore 'another' brand.

I've learned my lesson very well,
Time's past and now I know,
The surest bet in all the world,

Yes that's the word he preachers,
To every one of you--
The Lightweight Safety Shoe!

The Safety Shoe has been replaced by the steel-reinforced '64 Workboot, which is CSA approved for safety standards.

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